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Great website I am very jealous! One of these days Kevin and I will surprise you again at one of your gigs! Things are going great for us, looks like the same with You! See you soon! and keep playing that great Jazz!
Maria Taggart <taggartballet@netscape.net>
Tustin, Ca USA - Friday, January 23, 2004 at 22:15:22 (CST) 
Excellent site! Best wishes, Sree
Sreeprakash. N <sree@schogini.com>
- Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 20:33:55 (CST)
Hi, guy's are you ever comming to riverside again? I would love to have your new homemade cd it will probably be the best of all, but it is hard for me to get to orange county. Can it be mailed to me? Let me know, if not I understand. If yes tell me how to do it. miss you guy's a lot, going to try to get your way. Do you have Aug schedule? Diane(Mystic Brew)
diane randall <dianerandall@earthlink.net>
riv, ca usa - Friday, July 19, 2002 at 11:51:56 (CDT)
Hey Ron - Just cruisin' your website and wondered how your doing! Judging by your w/s, your doing well. I'll try to drop by one on your gigs! - Keith
Keith Higa <keithwheelgroup@yahoo.com>
La Palma, CA USA - Friday, May 24, 2002 at 18:21:59 (CDT) 
I liked your demos very much and will be getting your discs. You guys sound great in the car! Take care.
Jeff Winget <jwinget@earthlink.net>
Moreno Valley, CA USA - Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 16:52:45 (CDT)
I saw you perform at Kikuya's... I am TOm Margitan's #1 fan, and yours too! Thank you for your incredible talent and creation of beauty upon beauty in jazz. I look forward to your future performances. Melinda Wong
Melinda Wong <pumpkin362@yahoo.com>
CA - Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 18:44:47 (CST) 
I have had my copy of "No Preservatives" for a few weeks now and it is still in my CD player. This is the one for me. The trio sounds great and the tunes are exceptional. If you are uncertain of which Kobayashi disc to buy first I would personally recommend "No Preservatives" (although you wouldn't be disapointed by any of them). This disc is really what great Jazz is all about. Congratulations to Ron, Steve and Baba for a job well done and so deserving of wider exposure.
Frank Briggs <email@frankbriggs.com>
NOHO, CA USA - Monday, December 10, 2001 at 09:22:37 (CST)
Congrats, Ron. I have been listening to "Exotic Places" for over a year now. Can't wait to get the newest CD. I like to brag about how I "used to play with this guy in high school". I always knew you would make it. You surely found two great musicians to fill The Trio. Best of luck.
Loren South <llsouth@earthlink.net>
Phoenix, AZ - Wednesday, August 08, 2001 at 13:28:34 (CDT)
Your Music is amazing. Your Gig sound (live) comes out on the CD. No preservatives needed, Your Tunes sound fresh everytime I hear them. THANKS FOR MAKING A RECORDED VERSION OF ALL THE COOL THINGS I GET TO HEAR LIVE!! YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED...
Cyster Lori <Finsprtexe>
Wind He, I never Know USA - Monday, August 06, 2001 at 19:39:24 (CDT)
Nice site !
wallpapers <makrjen12@netlimit.com>
USA - Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 08:50:51 (CDT)
Ron, I have been a big fan of yours since the "Melody Inn" days in Fullerton and just caught the act at the YL Arts Festival. Please keep me on your mailing list and best wishes for a great year. What a great groove. Neal
Neal Lonky. <neal@lonky.com>
Yorba Linda, CA USA - Sunday, June 03, 2001 at 18:34:35 (CDT)
Cyster Lori
Yes ANNIE TIME - Sunday, June 03, 2001 at 18:31:56 (CDT)
Ron, I brought the Big Band from Santa Ana College to hear you play at Steamers this week. You sounded awesome. Thanks for letting me and one of my students sit in. What a thrill! You have been an inspiration for me to keep practicing. I'd love for you to come and workshop the S.A.C. rhythm section sometime. -David
David Campbell <pacificamusic@hotmail.com>
Stanton, Ca USA - Friday, May 11, 2001 at 16:11:18 (CDT)
Oops, make that my 4/5/01 column!
Steve <sdsanta@home.com>
Corona Del Mar, CA - Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 23:26:18 (CDT)
You guy's are great, there's nothing better than hanging at Oyster's on a Thursday listening to you play Walking on the Moon. Watch for a plug in my food column in 4/4/01's Daily Pilot!
Steve <sdsanta@home.com>
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 - Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 23:25:15 (CDT)
WOW!!! COFFEE DEPOT WAS ANOTHER VERY COOL PLACE.. TO SEE YOU PLAY.... The sound was Great, Crowd was Great.... They loved..... the standards.... and the "OUT"... stuff... thanks for another cool EVENING OF JAZZ!!!!!
Cyster Lori <finsprtexe@aol.com>
Yes, ....Up Yes - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 15:46:49 (CST)
was christmas shopping dec.23 at brea mall. went to nordstroms to hear some holiday tunes from the piano and was surprised to see a trio playing. even more surprised to hear how these guys were just tearing it up..damn! they even broke out a police song and smoked it! congrats on the sounds boys. be looking for you now at steamers. and nice web site
chris caddick <cvc247@webtv.net>
la mirada, ca usa - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 21:34:04 (CST)
This is the drier Riverside but music flows here too: Good artists, generous friends and great inspiration keeps this family strong. Love the music, keep it moving...
Grace <waterlemon@aol.com>
Riverside, CA - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 20:55:18 (CDT)
Hey Ron, Baba, and Steve...your music is a tremendous inspiration. It may even move me out of retirement! Hey Baba...Great interview in Global Bass. You're all my heros! Rock on.
Chris Bailey <isummit@aol.com>
Memphis USA - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 13:38:00 (CDT)
cyster Lori <finsprtexe@aol.com>
WIND HE, I NEVER KNOW USA - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 11:44:30 (CDT)
Hello, What da ya know? I heard the trio will be pplaying in my neck of the woods ( Marios in Riverside)Thank you for bringing great music into our community by the way! I hope you guys are also going to be at Scott Yanows Birthday this year.More details will be your way soon.Tina
Tina Evans <Onejazzgrl@aol.com>
JAZZ - Friday, September 01, 2000 at 07:34:19 (CDT)
I am glad that you guys are finally getting your props! You are the hardest working band in the Southland. Keep on pushing the envelope, by challenging and thrilling your fans and the jazz community. Great web site. It's just a matter of time guys!
Danny Quest <dannyquest@hotmail.com>
Orange Co., CA USA - Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 18:59:32 (CDT)
Fabulous.....darlin's!!!!!!! Ron, is delightful !!!
Cindy <Cinybbelle@aol.com>
Memphis, Tn. United States - Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 02:31:56 (CDT)
HI... I JUST WENT TWO WEEKS WITHOUT HEARING YOU PLAY LIVE....Withdrawals set in for sure.. There is nothing like the Jazz that you guys play. Your Website is looking great adding the Carpet CAT artist list. HEY!!! WHEN'S THE NEW CD COM-ING OUT????
Cyster Lori <Finsprtexe@aol.com>
Ontario, NEVER KNOW ING USA - Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 12:29:11 (CDT)
Do you guys place small wedding receptions? I need a trio or quartet to play at a reception in Laguna Beach at Tivoli Terrace. You can play any subtle burn you want and you don't have to play A-Train of Satin Doll. Thanks, Steve Teipe
steve teipe <steipe@westernu.edu>
orange, ca usa - Monday, August 07, 2000 at 14:52:49 (CDT)
Hey guys - you're awesome! (From the madman in the back of the room!)
Jeff Foster <jeff.foster@narratus.com>
Fullerton, CA USA - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 16:51:37 (CDT)
you guys rock! i don't know if you remember me-- but i bought your cd and shared it with my boyfriend...all was fine until we broke up and whaddya know, the jerk kept the cd! :) but you guys were awesome and gave me another one the last time you recorded live at steamers. you 3 are the best! much love-kristen ong
kristen <chickymama124@aol.com>
hacienda heights, CA USA - Monday, June 26, 2000 at 12:59:38 (CDT)
Thanks for the kind words MOM...You're the GREATEST!! Psssst...Hey MOM! maybe next time you leave a message, use a different screen name...They know it's you...LOL LOVE YOU BABA
BABA <Bassbaba@aol.com>
Upland, Mostly sane If it pays good - Sunday, June 25, 2000 at 17:07:30 (CDT)
Great musicians, great guys. Listen to your CD almost every day. Keep up the good work
Tillie <Maelefante@cs.com>
Ontario, Ca. US - Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 01:36:19 (CDT)
Who are you? I just stumbled upon this site and your music is DY-NO-MITE (in a mellow kind of way). Come to Washington.
Seth Moore <sMoore101@aol.com>
Blaine, WA - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 21:45:30 (CDT)
Just when you guys are sounding "G"REAT... you change a tune.. no two Gigs are the same.. ..AND the groove/sound/tunes and technique are better than EVER. Looking forward to the STEAMERS CAFE recording APRIL 19th. Awesome Music!!!.
Anee <YoAgent11>
- Sunday, April 09, 2000 at 17:58:49 (CDT)
Just when you guys are sounding
Anee <YoAgent11>
USA - Sunday, April 09, 2000 at 17:56:14 (CDT)
Hi to Calvin and Ron and Steve. We want to know if Baba still likes strawberry ice cream? You're cute Ron...Hi Grant - how ya doin? Steve,we like your drums. We hope to see you again soon. Bye bye....
Sadie and Rocco <KulrmeJazz@aol,.com>
Tustin, Caleeforneeah - Friday, February 04, 2000 at 12:02:38 (CST)
You guys ever get to Tucson? Nice web site. Your music is cool. Rudy
Rudy Meisner <captee@cybernet.com>
Tucson, AZ - Thursday, February 03, 2000 at 09:15:26 (CST)
Great web site, Ron congratulations!!!!!!!!1
PENNY & HERB <maddiztutu@aol.com>
- Monday, January 24, 2000 at 19:02:06 (CST)
I would be amiss not to offer my 2 cents worth here doncha think? I love you guys and your music is the best, but am curious how far the humbos reach out; and how is that terrific drummer doin'?
your longest runnin' groupie <KulrmeJazz@aol.com>
could be anywhere, - Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 12:29:52 (CST)
Great web site! Really enjoy your music and try to catch one of your gigs when I'm in town. Love the Italian guy, Ba-Ba!
Ta-Ta <Tata@omahalink.net>
Bellevue, Nebraska USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 14:56:43 (CST)
Hey Guys! Long time no see, but now I can listen to you. Great page, marked as a favorite. Costa Rica could use a good Jazz band, keep it in mind. Hope to suprise you soon by showing up @ a gig! Stay Cool, Rick.
Rick Moreau <blues_punk@hotmail.com>
Escazu, Costa Rica - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 13:12:06 (CST)
Hi all! Thanks for your contributions to the site...There have been a few questions about our schedule, so I thought I'd let you know here that our schedule will appear in the news section as a post. Keep up to date there. Thanks again, for all your support. Ron
Ron Kobayashi <RKoba@aol.com>
Tustin, CA USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 13:00:04 (CST)
Wow! The trio makes it to the 'Net! Very nice site, kids! Still think you should dump that Italian guy and get a synth-bass player! $HOW ME THE LOVE!!!!
Jeff Harrison <jeffhrsn@deltanet.com>
- Friday, January 14, 2000 at 11:02:24 (CST)
Great web site. Does anyone want to buy naked pictures of Ron? I have some, but will not tell you how I got them. If I don't get any offers I'm going straight to Ebay.
David Torres <kingdavidtorres@hotmail.com>
Riverside, CA USA - Friday, January 14, 2000 at 00:33:15 (CST)
Beale Street is waiting....Keep jazzin, and keep smilin' and don't forget to vote for my Tennessee brother, Al Gore in 2000!!!!!!!
Cindy <Cinybbelle@aol.com>
Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A. - Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 03:11:50 (CST)
Even southern belles love great jazz!I have a passion for "EXOTIC PLACES" Keep jazzin and Memphis would be a better place with 3 very talented musicians. GORE in 2000!!! P.S. Baba the casino's are waiting for you.
Cindy <Cinybbelle@aol.com